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Composite Synthetic running Track

Compound Plastic Runway Material Introduction

Environmental Non-toxic composite synthetic running track is spread by the mixture of EPDM granules and one-component glue. After the bottom layer is finished, the bottom layer surface is sealed with the occupied joint glue to prevent the PU surface glue from leaking down during the surface layer construction. The surface layer is sprayed with special surface glue and EPDM granules.

This type of running track has a relative comfortable elasticity, which can effectively reduce the consumption of physical strength. Effectively reduce sports injuries with super tough buffer layer which can absorb strong impact force.

Compound Plastic Runway
  • Wear-resistance

    Wear-resistance without threshing, not easily scratched by soles and other hard objects.

  • Good safety

    Good safety, protects athlete’s ankles and improve running speed , avoid other injuries.

  • High frequency use

    Able to meet the requirements of long-term and high frequency use.

  • Anti-skid

    Anti-skid,avoid slipping while running.

  • Long-lasting color

    Long-lasting color without fading.

  • Weather resistance

    Weather resistance, light-fast, excellent water resistance, not easy to damage and aging.

  • Easy to clean

    Strong resistance to dirt, easy to clean and maintain.

Composite running track Application:

1. Track and field running track for elementary schools, middle schools, universities

1. Non-professional training track

1. Sports park, fitness venue track (200 meters, 300 meters and 400 meters recommended)

Layer structures
  • Composite running track
  • Runway
  • stadium
  • lawn
Composite running track Process
  • Foundation treatment
  • Laying bottom glue
  • Laying slurry layer
  • Laying flowers plasma layer
  • Spraying line site rules
  • Completion
Construction Introduce

Composite running track surface(thickness 13mm), material consumption per square meter:

NO. Material name Dosage(kg/㎡) Remarks
1 Waterproof binder 0.2 Cement foundation
2 Bottom Environmental Granules(3-4 mm) 7.50  
3 Environmentally friendly single component glue 1.00  
4 Track Bottom Material(1:4 red) 1.50  
5 Track Finish Paint(1:2 Red) 1.10  
6 EPDM Granules(Granule Diameter 2-3mm) 1.00 Another 10% 1-2mm Granules Is Recommended
7 EPDM powder 0.10  
8 Diluent 0.10  
9 Drier 0.03  
10 Line Paint 0.01  
Compound Plastic Runway Maintenance:

1. The breathable track can be walked on in 7-10 days after it is completed.

2. The plastic track is suitable for all-weather use under certain drainage facilities. Plastic track is used for athlete training, competitions, student sports and fitness exercises, and is not suitable for other purposes.

3,Please keep the running track clean to avoid the pollution of harmful substances, avoid severe mechanical shock and friction; No vehicle is allowed on the track, heavy loads and sharp objects(except standard running shoes) are forbidden. Athletes must wear special sports shoes, the nail length of sports shoes is generally no more than 7 mm, and that of jumping shoes are generally no more than 11 mm. If the shoes have longer nails, they are not allowed on the track.

4. Avoid long-term heavy loads on the track;

5, Avoid fireworks and pyrogens, and keep organic solvents, chemicals, cigarette butts, other fires and pollutants away from the track.

6,Should be washed with water spray from time to time, Oil stains can be washed out with 10% ammonia or detergent.

7. The edge of the plastic track should be protected and should not be arbitrarily moved. If the tooth is damaged or foamed, the construction unit should be notified in time for repair.


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