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Acrylic Pitch

SHTSports Environmental Acrylic is a high-performance water-based and eco-friendly sports coating Material. It hastal Acrylic is a high-performance water-based and eco-friendly sports coating Material. It has unparalleled sports performance and guarantees the comfort of the player's footsteps and offers a continuous stable rebound. The court time limit has been increased by 35% with imported raw materials and the latest formula.

This eco-friendly 100% pure acrylic coating material is non-toxic, with low VOC;it is wear-resistant with long service life. In addition, this material has the properties of high-performance courses such as stable quality, water resistance, anti-sunburn, flame retardant and anti-slip,various bright colors, moistureproof and no microorganisms.

  • Special coating

    Special coating for courses, made of 100% advanced acrylic material, non-toxic, non-asbestos, is environmentally friendly surface material;

  • Weather resistance

    Suitable for all kinds of climatic and environment, resistant to ultraviolet radiation, long-lasting standard color;

  • Long service life

    Long service life, up to 8-10 years (depending on the foundation and construction quality);

  • Easy Maintenance

    Acrylic coating is self-cleaning product, convenient maintenance and just wash it with high-pressure water;

  • Cost Saving

    Competitive prices and performances;

  • Flatness

    Compared to elastic surface layer, the hard acrylic surface layer requires relative high flatness due to its thickness.


1. Tennis court,basketball court, badminton court, volleyball court and sports fields for high-class primary and secondary schools, college, ;

2. Professional sports venue and training ground;

  • LAWN

Maintenance of Acrylic Course

1. Often clean the court, scrub or brush filthy places with proper detergent.

>2. Wash the court with water before and after the competition to keep it clean and its color. Spray cool water to reduce the surface temperature in hot summer.

3. Fragmentation or delamination should be repaired in time according to the specifications to avoid spread. Water should be sprinkled around the site to keep dust and dirt away from the site.

4. The sewer should be cleaned frequently to keep the drainage smooth in the field.

5. Those who enter the venue must wear sneakers (shoe nails should not exceed 7 mm).

6. Avoid long-time heavy pressure,severe mechanical shock or friction.

7. Any motor vehicle is forbidden, no explosive, flammable,corrosive or harmful substances is allowed.


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