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    Is Artificial Turf suitable for Roof?

    Roof greening is an effective way of greening in modern society with high buildings, and has been strongly advocated and promoted as an important part of urban greening work. Roof greening can effectively reduce the roof temperature, protect the building layer to extend its service life, absorb dust...

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    How to install the white functional lines on the artificial turf of football field?

    Artificial turf is becoming more and more common, and most sports grounds are covered with artificial turf, many sports can be carried out on artificial turf fields, including football, rugby, golf, hockey, tennis, baseball and so on. Therefore, the multi-purpose stadium is derived. A standard 11-ma...

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    First Natural and Synthetic Hybrid System Turf in China

    Natural and Synthetic Hybrid System Grass(hybrid system grass) is based on nutrient soil, and natural grass seeds are sprayed in artificial grass to cultivate a new football field. The roots of the two grasses are interweaving together and the toughness is greatly improved. Even if the natural grass...

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    Requirements for Point Line and Construction of Synthetic Running Track

    Point line requirements for synthetic running track construction Requirements for synthetic running track construction...


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