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  • 08


    Does TPE pellets have the potential to be widely used in plastic runways?

    The "Poison Runway" incident has become a hot topic in the entire plastics industry. The hype of the media has boosted the use of recycled rubber, which has a huge amount of plastic track, to the cusp. This debate will continue in the short term...

  • 25


    EPDM plastic track particle characteristics

    EPDM plastic track particles are widely used because rubber particles are mainly produced through the processing of waste rubber materials such as waste rubber, travel soles, trims, cable skins, rubber trims, and automotive mats. It has the characteristics of anti-aging, long life and easy maintenan...

  • 17


    How to protect and maintain the plastic track?

    Many people think that the establishment of a plastic track is very important, in fact, his protection and maintenance is also appropriate. Only the plastic track is well protected and maintained, and the best quality items...



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