EPDM plastic track particle characteristics

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EPDM plastic track particle characteristics
2019-04-25 02:39:37
EPDM plastic track particles are widely used because rubber particles are mainly produced through the processing of waste rubber materials such as waste rubber, travel soles, trims, cable skins, rubber trims, and automotive mats. It has the characteristics of anti-aging, long life and easy maintenance.
Plastic track particle size and use
The plastic track has a particle size of about 2-4 mm. It is paved with a special PU for the sports field and is covered with rubber particles. The synthetic surface layer has high energy physical elasticity and high abrasion resistance, and can withstand extreme weather conditions: long-term sunshine, rainy season and frozen climate. Applicable to competition-type professional venues, stadiums or sports centers.
EPDM plastic track particles
How to construct EPDM colored rubber particles in the stadium
The equipment required for EPDM color rubber granule manufacturers is generally a rubber pulverizer, etc., which is recycled by waste rubber. How can the rubber granules produced in this way be used in stadiums?
First of all, it is to carry out the underlying construction. The bottom layer is mechanically stirred with black rubber particles and PU super glue, and then mechanical paver construction. Then, after the bottom paving is completed, the polyurethane rubber powder and the polyurethane slurry and the prepolymer are mechanically stirred, and the back sealing construction is performed manually. Finally, the polyurethane surface layer integrated slurry and the EPDM colored particles are fully stirred, and the special high-pressure sprayer is used to uniformly spray the plastic track surface layer at two angles.
Haicheng, a manufacturer of rubber pellets, said that after the slurry is completely gelatinized, it can be used to test the technical rules of the stadium.


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