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Shengtian Sports

Guangdong Shengtian Sports Stock Co.,ltd is a New-style high-tech enterprise involving in research&development, prdouctuion,sales and construction service of sports materials. Qualified with ISO9001, ISO14001 quality certification & China green materials labeling certificate, SHTSports owns two production bases, one is in Qiaotou, Dongguan, and the other Hengshan, Hunan.

SportsQQ has been manufacturing sports venue materials for running track,sports ground, flooring and a myriad of other applications in China since 2011, main products include EPDM granules, rubber granules, PU binder, artificial grass, silicone PUglue, coating, topcoat, marking paint,thinner, drier,etc. 

First we established a strict operational process specification begins with formulation development and high quality raw materials procurement. Strictly adhering to quality requirements and technical control standards,then we

proceed with mixing, curing and granulating. Our production quality achieves world leading level with a series of international standard certifications (Please kindly write to us for existing test reports and certifications, or we can offer test reports and certifications required by your market.We will start to push our products globally in May, 2019.)

Our price is very competitive which maximizes the profits of our contractors and traders. Our output is increasing at a rate of 200% every year while our market is expanding rapidly.

Shengtian Sports

In addition, SHTSports provides value in several other ways as below:

Technically, we are able to modify our formulations to meet the varying physical properties required by different markets;

Aesthetically, we offer over 100 different colors and we can also develop custom colors to meet any need;meanwhile we provide a wide range of granule sizes from small to large;

We have various shipping menthods and will calculate logistics cost for you, ensure you the most economical way of shipping with good transportation timeliness;

We offer on-site construction guidance to avoid the risk of wrong operation.Please conduct small construction tests with our material ratio description before formal construction.Then you can decide if you need our on-site construction guidance service.we are responsible for our products quality and will compensate you for all reasonable losses caused by our product problem.

SportsQQ offers you the most competitive product applications of sports venues materials with this combination of quality assurance, technical assistance, risk control and logistical advantage.

Guangdong Shengtian Sports Stock Co.,ltd - SportsQQ


Our factory is also considered as one of the best-managed factories in the industry. The factory complies with ISO9001, ISO14001 and has passed various kinds of strict factory audits such as BSCI, WFSGI, ICS, etc.

Since 2011

Factory Area 20,000㎡+2000㎡Office

Telephone: +86 139 2527 6033

Address:16th floor, Yuhaoxuan Building, Songshan Lake,

Dongguan City, Guangdong Province.

  • Dongguan factory

    Address: Zhongyigaoxin Industrial Park, Qiaotou Town,

    Dongguan City, Guangdong Province.

  • Shenzhen International

    Telephone: +86 188 0732 9880

    Address: No. 1 Exchange Square, Pinghu South China City,

    Longgang District, Shenzhen City, Guangdong Province.

  • Hunan Factory

    Address: Changjiang road, Economic Development Zone,

    Hengshan County, Hunan Province


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